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Our History

The prestigious and successful history of our Group revolves around important milestones:

  • 2000: Roger Kam & Co. was founded in Hong Kong by Mr. Roger Kam, Certified Public Accountant (Practicing). In the same year, R & T Consulting Group was established.
  • 2002: Mr Teddy Lau, Certified Public Accountant (Practicing) joined Roger Kam & Co. and was appointed as a Director of R & T Consulting Group. In the same year, Japanese desk was set up to serve our Japanese clients.
  • 2004: Mr. Teddy Lau, CPA, was admitted as the Partner of Roger Kam & Co.
  • 2005: Alliance of Inter-Continental Accountants (AicA) was founded by Roger Kam & Co. and T. H. Kuan & Co., chartered accountant firm in Malaysia, to build strategic alliances in Asia.
  • 2008: Roger Kam & Co. Shanghai Representative Office and R & T Consulting Group Shenzhen Office were set up, as an important step into Mainland China.
  • 2009: R & T Consulting Group Shanghai Office was set up. 
  • 2012: Foreign Desk was set up to serve our global clients.
  • 2013: R & T Consulting Group Beijing Office was set up.
  • 2014: Convened and hosted the 9th AicA Annual General Meeting in Hong Kong.
  • 2016: R & T Consulting Group Kyoto Office was set up.
  • 2017: R & T Consulting Group Taipei Branch and Chongqing Office were set up. In the same year, became a member of EuropeFides SAS and the Plante Moran Alliance.
  • 2018: Roger Kam & Co. Guangzhou Representative Office was set up. In the same year, became a member of ADAM Global and opened up business in the Middle East.
  • 2019: Roger Kam & Co Beijing Representative Office was set up.
  • 2021: Zhuo Ge Education Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and R and T (Shenzhen) Certified Tax Advisors Co. Ltd were established.
  • 2022: R & T CPA Limited (public interest entity auditor) was established. In the same year, became one of the founder members of the Hong Kong Asset and Wealth Management Institute (HKAWM).


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