German Business Partner's China Visit

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

With the open and transparent economic policy in Germany, more and more entrepreneurs in China seek investment opportunities in Germany.  "How is the investment environment in Germany?" "What should we know while investing in Germany?" 

With the continuously increased demand, we are honored to invite our German Business Partners, Ms. Beate Wagner and Mr. Hubertus Schuecking from Mecklenburg+Hoffmann GmbH as well as Dr. Marcus Ruf from M.CONSULT, to visit China and share the most concerned information and opportunities with our intersted investors in China.  The visits were set foot on Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.  Our China General Manager of Roger Kam & Co. and Managing Director of R&T Consulting, Ms. Juliet Zhou, welcomed them in Shanghai and well informed the business situations in China, while our Manager of Business Consulting Services, Mr. Simon Wu and Mr. Sam Leung, Business Partner of CTAC Group welcomed our guests in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, and were accompanied with them in the "China-Germany Cross-border M&A and Project Promotion Seminar" in Guangzhou.
German BPs China visit Juliet Simon
As our German Business Partner's mentioned, there was a large M&A market in Germany.  The total amount of M&A deals in Germany in 2017 was 1979, total valued up to 132 billion Euro.  The top industries were industrial goods, high-tech products, consumer goods and services and materials, with the investors from U.S.A., Great Britain, Switzerland and France.  There was a big amount of small and large "mid-sized" companies with high equity capital quota and had stable financials.  Also, the German Mittelstand did not look at quarterly figures, but thought in generations.  The investment conditions for foreign firms in Germany were excellent and acquisitions were more than welcomed.  Furthermore, there were regulations that would allow Germany to more easily prohibit acquisitions of strategically important companies by investors from non-EU countries.
The meeting went on well and successfully, the investors from China had a better knowledge about the German investment conditions, while German representatives had a more intuitive understanding of China and the investors.  Both parties were expecting a friendly and happy cooperation in the near future.  Roger Kam & Co. and R&T Consulting Group will continously contribute and promote the business cooperations between Germany and China.


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