Student Training Programme to ACCA students with INGS Education

Friday, 25 January 2019

After a super busy exam season, how would the students to utilize the winter holiday, especially for those in year 3 and year 4? Purely relaxing or seriously consider how to get prepared for the coming life change from campus to career? It is always better for students to prepare in advance, understand the real world and the difference between campus and career in order to get used to the career life quickly.

After the summer training programme was implemented successfully, our Group, again works together with INGS Education, further offers the training programme to ACCA students in this winter.  The programme covers the new entries’ orientation, business etiquette, accounting practice, auditing practice, taxation practice and strategic analysis. The programme effectively enables the students to understand the real accountants’ world and warm up for the new life.


The programme is led by experienced team leaders of our Group, effectively consolidate the technical knowledge and practicing skills, covering the latest key topics from laws and regulations, real case analysis, helps the students to better understand how to qualify as a professional accountant.


The training was structured in various formats referring to different contents, motives the students to enhance the team discussion, team cooperation, self-thinking and communication skills.


It seems no choice but true that nowadays it is not easy for graduates to find a job, and at the same time hard for enterprises to recruit people”.  However, it is found through the communication, that many graduates or those nearly graduate lacks their career objective and plans.  They are walking out of the campus with a worrying but empty brain.  It may not be their own fault, but actually it proves that our children lack of correct and clear understanding of the community and what the career life looks like, so how can they be competent in such competitive world?!  The training programme intends to become the bridge to enable our students to understand and experience the career ecology earlier while they are still in campus, well prepared from both knowledge and technical skills and psychological perspective before stepping in their career life.



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