“IPO in Hong Kong Sharing” Successfully Held in Shanghai

Thursday, 25 October 2018

The "IPO in Hong Kong Sharing" was successfully held in Shanghai on October 25th by Diacron CPA and our Group.  We would like to take this opportunity to give our sincere thanks to Shanghai Inhetrust Law Firm and China CITIC Bank, for the great support and valueable sharing about the relevant topics from legal and capital management perspectives.
Refer to the current domestic capital market downturn and the difficulty faced by the enterprises for financing, more and more enterprises look to the overseas market, especially Hong Kong SAR, after its IPO policies updated in April 2018, it has been catching more eyes from the interested entities seeking for overseas IPO.  However, due to the differences arising from the two regions' laws and regulations, accounting standards implementation, taxation, corporate governance and internal control etc., besides, with the continuously tightening on the foreign exchange, how to properly arrange the cross-border capital become the most challenge issues when make the decisions for the overseas IPO by the entrepreneurs.  During the sharing, our professional accountants from both Mainland China and Hong Kong, together with our experienced lawyer and banking representatives, explained and shared all these information from different trianglees with practical illustration.

During the 4-hour event, attendants from different fields and background exchange their needs, thinking and inforamtion with each other actively and the feedbacks from all the guests are positive.  The event brought wide scope of valuable information and updates, assisted on opening new mind of thinking to the enterprises and domestic finance professionals, it is believed that the cross-border demands and cooperation opportunities will be considerably high in the coming future.


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