We attended the 2023 Global Investor Conference to discuss "New Opportunities for Investment in Modern Capital Markets with Chinese Characteristics"

Monday, 05 June 2023

Ms. Liu Fei and Ms. Jovy Chan representing our firm to participate in the 2023 Global Investor Conference, hosted by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE), which held in Shenzhen on 1-2 June 2023. This year's conference, themed “New Opportunities for Investment in Modern Capital Markets with Chinese Characteristics”, attracted over 300 representatives from domestic and international investment institutions, intermediaries and listed companies. As an important event to promote a high level of openness to the outside world, the conference bridges the gap between domestic and overseas markets and promotes a high level of openness of China's capital market.

At the opening ceremony of the conference, guest speakers Mr. Fang Xinghai, Vice Chairman of CSRC, Mr. Zhang Xin, Vice Governor of Guangdong Provincial Government, Mr. Zeng Pei, Member of the Standing Committee of Shenzhen Municipal Committee, and Mr. Chen Huaping, Chairman of SZSE delivered speeches. They have emphasized that this conference is an important platform for global investors to understand China's capital market and for Chinese enterprises to interact, communicate and cooperate with global investors.

The conference placed special emphasis on new opportunities for investment in modern capital markets with Chinese characteristics, with a series of presentations, discussions and exchanges around this theme. Participants shared their views and outlook on the future of China's capital markets and discussed how to better facilitate communication and cooperation between companies and investors. Hot topics such as green finance, technology innovation and capital market risk prevention were also covered, which attracted wide attention and active participation from the participants.

As one of the participants, we gained an in-depth understanding of the various areas covered at the conference and established contacts with representatives of investment institutions, intermediaries and listed companies from around the world. Through our exchanges and interactions with them, we gained more information and trends in the industry, as well as deepened our understanding and knowledge of the Chinese capital market.


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